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The Silver Tiger and CHURCH

Funny, you’re probably thiking I’m going to bombard you with reason why you should go to church…drop a bible verse or two and make you more leary of the church. UH NO! I’m going to tell you about how everytime I go to church I FALL ASLEEP, except for this last Sudnay. Now, My mother’s a pastor, my grandfather was a pastor of a huge church, my grandmother serves in the church, but you probably wouldn’t believe it unless I told you. I grew up in a very “we believe in God, but we also have to live in this world” house.

Yesterday, the pastor spoke about meakness and it not meaning weakness. he talked about the good samaritan and how he had helped a man while the pastor or whomever passed him by. So all in all the Samaritan who was not of the same race or social class he still showed kindness and meakness when helping the man. Now the pastor mentioned that the Samaritan was not rich, not of the same race or ethnicity and every other differene except one…that he was not of the same religion. Here is my problem…many people of every religion believe that if you don’t follow their religion then you’re damned…I was never brought up to believe that…I thought this was a perfect opportunity to demonsrate that it does not matter what your religious background…but your heart; your meakness. Just because one does not call himself Christian or does not follow Christ does not mean they will be damned to hell. Some of my best friends and kindest people I have ever met were Muslims, Buddhists, etc. And some of the cruelest people I have met have been Chrsitans…followers of Jesus the Christ (not Jesus Christ…Christ was not his last name as my friend pointed out to me). We talk about loving our fellow man but as long as he accepts Christ. Huh? I accept them all…every religious prophet that has preached love…acceptance…charity….goodwill…and not hate is alright with me…Cause when the wrath does happen…who knows which people will be called to enter the kingdom of heaven…every religious text says that their people will…

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